Copyright: my pappa

Copyright: my pappa

Hi, I'm Vendela


Born and raised in Sweden, my soul was infused with the
magic and wonder
of the Nordic light.
I've been a professional photographer for over 20 years
and I LOVE
what I do.
Why does that matter to you?
Photography is more than just having a fancy camera.
It takes years and years and years of experience to develop photographic instinct,
anticipating fleeting moments BEFORE they happen.
To instantly pick up the right vibe, and translate it into eternity.

To bring you right into the moment.

Connection. Heart. Magic.

I see what is real and document it in a sensitive way, with a dash of humor

and a glimmer in the eye.

Clients include TEDxAFC, Global Shapers, Hilton Hotels, Stryker Biotech & Veyo